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Meeting Jesus – Spring term 2018

This term we’ll be looking at some of the people who met Jesus in Luke’s gospel. Jesus’ ministry reached out to all kinds of people, and He made time for them all. This term, we learn about Jesus and how other people responded to meeting the ‘Son of God’. The challenge to us today is how we will respond to discovering Jesus and meeting Him? Our memory verse for the term is: John 8 v 12 Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”.

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14/01/18 Luke 2 v 22 – 40 – Simeon and Anna

We began our session by learning a new worship song ‘Nothing is impossible’ . This song helps reminds us that with God we can do all things because He gives us strength and he is with us. We then started with a game about waiting, to introduce to the session of Simeon and Anna waiting to see Jesus. A leader set a timer on their phone to a minute and the children had to guess when they thought a minute was up. Our memory verse stared out with the children reading it together then we turned it into a game of Hopscotch.

We then started with the Bible story from Luke 2 v 22 – 40. The children were engaged through this with drama and dressing up. Simeon had a special promise from God that he would see the Messiah, God’s chosen one, before he died. Simeon had to wait a really long time, to see Jesus, but the Spirit lead him to the temple on the day that Mary, Joseph and Jesus were there.  Simeon recognised Jesus as the Messiah and offered a prayer of praise to God about Jesus. He also gave Mary a warning about the pain and suffering that lay ahead. Anna was an old woman who was at the temple worshipping God every day and she too saw that Jesus was someone special. She thanked God for Jesus and told those asking about Jerusalem being rescued about Jesus. Two people who both recognised that Jesus was someone very special. At the start of Luke we’re left in no doubt that the life of this baby if going to be remarkable.

They all had fun with the balloon race game after that before going into small groups. In small groups we started off with an illustration about faith using a glass of water turned upside down with a book. The water didn’t spill out because the air trapped it in even though we couldn’t see it. We shared stories together of then we had waited for God  when we prayed about something, and sometimes we had to wait quite a few years. We then made a craft activity and thought of how Jesus isn’t just God’s gift back then. He is God’s gift to us today. We decorated it and thanked God for Jesus.


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