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Parables Jesus told – Autumn term 2018

This term we’ll be looking at some of the parables Jesus told. Parables were one of the ways Jesus used to convey deep truths about God and the Kingdom of Heaven. Sometimes it made it easier for people to understand if there was a story they could relate to and sometimes it didn’t! Throughout the term we’ll look at six of the most famous parables Jesus told and look at what He was trying to say through them.

Memory verse for the term:

1 John 4 v 7 Let us love one another for love comes from God

9th September Luke 15 v 11-32 – The lost son

23rd September Matthew 18 v 21-35 – The Unforgiving Servant

30th September Matthew 13 v 1-23 – The Sower & The Seed

14th October Matthew 13 v 31-35, Luke 13 v 18-21 – The Mustard Seed & The Yeast

11th November Matthew 24 v 36-51, Luke 12 v 42-48  – The Servants and Returning Master

25th November Luke 15 v 1-10 – The Lost Coin & The Lost Sheep

9th December Christmas special (last one for the term)


To see a summary of what we’ve learnt so far this term please click here.

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Light party in conjunction with kings cross baptist church. Come dressed as your favourite superhero! Call or text heather on 07940144457 to book your Childs place

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