Bemerton Soul 2015

Bemerton Soul is back this summer and runs from
Monday 27th to Friday 31st July, 2:30 to 5:00pm

Children: For those aged 5-11 we have games, sports and arts & crafts on Bingfield Park. Children will compete in teams over the week with medals given out on Sunday afternoon. Our theme is “Making TV” and we’ll be telling stories about Jesus while making our own TV programs.

Youth: For those aged 11-18 we’ll have or Football School on the Bingfield Park pitch. Qualified coaches will help improve your game and offer you the chance to compete in different tournaments. We’ll also have a special freestyle skills training day during the week.

Bemerton Soul Celebration, Sunday 2nd August
Service 2 to 3 pm, BBQ and Fun Day 3 to 5 pm

We’ll end the week with a service of celebration on Sunday afternoon. The service will feature songs, stories, photos and feedback from the week and our prize giving ceremony. Afterwards we’ll have a fun day in Bingfield Park with barbecue, children’s disco, stalls, sports and games.

Bemerton Soul is free and is open to all local children, young people and families. For your child to attend you will need to complete a permission form and they will be available at reception during the week.


Starchasers Service – Sunday 5th July


Starchasers Service

Sunday 5th July 10:30am at St. Andrew’s Church

On Sunday 5th July we will be having our annual Starchasers service at St. Andrew’s Church. The Starchasers children will be leading the service and our theme will be ‘The Fruit of the Spirit’.

At the service you’ll get a taste of what Starchasers is like and it’s also a chance to thank God for Starchasers and pray for the leaders and children who attend.

Family and friends are welcome and please stay afterwards for drink, cake and a chat.


Children’s Work

[Starts again on Sunday 24th September]
2nd, 4th & 5th Sundays 10:45am-12:15pm, Paget Christian Centre
Starchasers is our parish wide Sunday morning club for children in Year 1 to 6. Our aim is to tell the children about God in a creative & engaging manner – and to have a lot of fun too.
Each session features a range of activities including games, crafts, bible stories, creative prayer and small group time. And at the end of each term we award prizes for the kids who’ve earned the most stars.
Starchasers is usually on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of each month during term time. We meet at the Paget Christian Centre and each session runs from 10.45am to 12.15pm.
For more information click on the logo above or click here.

THE GAP strip logo
[Starts again on Monday 11th September]
Mondays 6:00-7:30pm, Paget Christian Centre, Bingfield Park
THE GAP is a club for those who are either side of the gap between primary and secondary school. At THE GAP there’s pool, table tennis, games, hot chocolate and the chance to chat & hang out. During each session there will be a short talk based on the Bible and a chance to ask any questions you may have.
For more information click on the logo above or click here.

Kids Club front
Kids Club
[Is not currently running – will hopefully start up soon]
Fridays, 3:45-5:15pm, Paget Christian Centre
Kids Club is a Bible club for primary school aged kids we run in partnership with London City Mission (LCM) on Friday afternoons. At Kids Club we look at a different Bible story each week and have songs, games and crafts based on the day’s theme. We can also collect children from St. Andrew’s School or St. Mary Magdalene Primary School and then parents can pick them up at 5:15pm at the Paget.
For more information about Kids Club click on the picture above or click here.

Bemerton Soul
Bemerton Soul 2018 will be in July.
Bemerton Soul is a summer club with activities for children and young people. For those aged 5-11 we will have our Children’s Club with games, sports and arts & crafts. For young people aged 11-18 we will have football school and art workshops each afternoon.
We’ll end our Bemerton Soul week with a party and barbecue on Sunday afternoon to which all local people are invited.
For more information about Bemerton Soul 2016 click on the picture above or click here.

We currently help with assemblies at two local schools – St. Andrew’s School & Thornhill School. This term we’ll be thinking about Communion and Christmas.
If you would like us to help with assemblies at your school, or any other type of school’s work, then please contact our Children’s Worker, Heather Parker (contact details at the bottom of the page).

Throughout the year we hold various one-off events. The main events we organise are:

Bemerton Carols: After Bemerton Soul in the Summer we have Bemerton Carols in the Winter! Bemerton Carols 2016 took place on Saturday 17th December, 3-5pm at the Paget Christian Centre (on Bingfield Park).

Pancake Party: This is one of our biggest events of the year and is open to all local families and children. Sadly this year there will be no Pancake Party, we hope to be back in 2018.

2nd July 2016 10.30am – Parish Starchasers Service:
In July we had our Parish-wide Starchasers service at St. Andrew’s Church. At the service the Starchasers kids shared a little of what they’ve learnt over the term and it was a chance for all three churches in the Parish to come together and worship God.

Check back here for more information on these events closer to the time.

For more information on any of the children’s activities in our parish please contact our children’s worker Heather Parker:

You can contact Heather on or by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.


Looking for something specific? If so please click on the relevant link below:

Dates for this term [Sept-Dec 2017] & What we’re teaching
Summary of the sessions so far this term
Latest points for Hot & Cool team

Or if you just want to know what Starchasers is all about then please read on:

What is Starchasers?
Putting it simply, Starchasers is a Sunday Morning Club that meets on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at the Paget Christian Centre. It is open to anybody who is Years 1 to 6.
We now have a group called Roots for those aged 11+. Roots meets at St. Andrew’s Church on the same mornings as Starchasers.

What is our purpose?
Our aim is to bring kids to faith in Jesus and for those who already are Christians to help them mature in that faith. We’re open to anyone in the parish not just those who already go to one of the three churches.

Isn’t all this church stuff a bit dull and boring for a kids club?
Well, no-one ever said that it had to be dull and boring. No-one ever said that church has to mean sitting still for an hour, listening to someone talk and not having any fun. So we get to play games, draw, play with plasticine, play football, dance, make books, watch some very amateurish videos, act… well you get the idea. If you’re a leader, you also get the opportunity to have water, silly string and custard pies thrown at you at regular intervals.We want the kids to see Starchasers as a place to have fun, where they can feel safe, where they are loved and cared for and where the parents are happy to send them.

So what is a typical morning like?
The doors open at 10:45am and first stop is registration. We register every kid who comes along and they get a name badge, a star for turning up and a label to collect more stars during the morning. (See below to explain what the stars are all about).Then it’s straight into arrival activities. These range from the quiet and peaceful such as drawing, playing with plasticine and Jenga to the much more noisy and active such as football and balloon tennis. Arrival activities are a fun way to start the morning and they give us a chance to catch up with the kids and see how they’ve been since we last saw them. It also allows time for the kids who come from the different churches to get there as the different services don’t always start at the same time!
Everyone needs to be there by 11am as the main session starts at 11:05am. We start each session by going through the rules, so everyone knows what they are, and with a re-cap of the previous session. Everyone is put in a team, either the Hot team or the Cool team and during the morning you are competing for points for your team. You earn points by winning games, cheering your team on during games and being the first team to be sitting in your area & ready to listen at the start of Quiet Time (each team has their own area they have to sit in for Quiet Time). At the end of the session the team with the most points gets first pick of the sweets. To see the Points and the number of wins for Hot and Cool team click here.
The central part of each morning is the teaching, when we try and teach the kids about God and His message. All our teaching is bible based and we try and get the message across in as relevant and engaging manner as possible. We’ve used many different ways of teaching the bible including puppets, videos, acting, dressing up, crafts, creative prayer, personal testimonies and plain old reading from the bible.
There are two main parts to the teaching – one is when we teach everyone together to get the main message across and the other is in the small groups when we tailor the teaching to a specific age group. To see what we’re teaching this term please read down a little further, or click here.
Towards the end of each morning are the small groups, when we split the kids by age into groups of 4-8 people. These groups are an opportunity for the kids and leaders to get to know each other a little better; we tell each other about our week, pray for each other and the leaders can share stories about what it’s like being a Christian. These groups can be a mini-session in themselves with games, activities and teaching aimed specifically for that age-group but they are also a chance to look deeper at the teaching. They are a chance for the kids to ask the leaders their own questions and to look at what the teaching means specifically for their life.
Finally, we end each session with the points total and the star count before we say goodbye.And, just so you know, each session starts at 10:45am and ends at 12:15pm.

So what are the stars all about?
At Starchasers we like to encourage and reward good behaviour and stars are our way of doing that. You get one star for turning up and during the morning you get the chance to earn more stars by bringing along a friend to Starchasers, listening during quiet time, answering questions, encouraging others, and generally taking part & being helpful. Stars are highly sought after items as at the end of each session we have a star count and the person with the most stars gets the first pick of the sweets in their team.
But the really big prizes are on offer at the end of each term – in the last session of each term we have the BIG star count and the people who have earned the most stars over the whole term get a prize. As well as the big prizes for those with the most stars we like to give a small prize to every kid at the end of each term. It’s our way of saying thank you for coming and to reward everyone for the stars they’ve earned.

What are you teaching this term? Countdown to Easter

This term we’ll be looking at Jesus’ last few weeks before His death as told in John’s gospel. We’ll be seeing how Jesus is in control of the whole situation and is preparing his friends and disciples for what lies ahead. Jesus shows them He has the power over life and death by raising Lazarus from the dead. He shows He is control by predicting His death and the events around it. He prepares His disciples for what lies ahead and prays for them. And finally Jesus show His power and glory in his death and resurrection.

8th January – John 11
Theme – Jesus has the power over life and death
22nd January – John 12
Theme – The Triumphal entry
12th February – John 13,16
Theme – Jesus predicts what will happen
26th February – John 14,15, 17
Theme – Jesus prepares His disciples
12th March – John 18-20
Theme – Jesus’ death and resurrection

Who runs Starchasers?
Starchasers is run by three different churches in the Barnsbury parish: Church on the Corner, All Saints and St. Andrews. All three are Church of England churches and we also work closely with London City Mission (LCM) in the area. It is run by a team of dedicated workers from the three churches. But don’t worry its open to all kids in Year 1 to 6, not just those from the three churches.

How do I find out more?
You can contact Stephen Mawhinney our Children’s Worker on 020 7837 0720 to find out more. Or just turn up on one of the mornings listed above to come along. Each child needs a permission form completed by a parent / guardian but these can be obtained at the door.

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THE GAP is a club for those who are either side of the gap between primary and secondary school. At THE GAP there’s pool, table tennis, games, hot chocolate and the chance to chat & hang out.

During each session there will be a short talk based on the Bible and this term we’ll be looking at one of the first books ever written about Jesus – Mark’s Gospel. There will also be a chance to ask any question you have about God, Jesus and being a Christian. Whatever you’re question is we’ll try our best to answer it!

THE GAP meets at the Paget Christian Centre on Bingfield Park. It’s on Mondays during term time from 6:00pm to 7:30pm and all those in Years 5-9 are welcome.

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Kids Club

Fridays 3:45-5:15pm
Paget Christian Centre

Kids Club is a Bible club we run in partnership with London City Mission (LCM) on Friday afternoons during term time.
It takes place at the Paget Christian Centre (near Bingfield Park). We collect the children from St. Andrew’s School or St. Mary Magdalene Primary School and then parents can pick them up at 5:15pm at the Paget. (Children from other schools are welcome but they would need to be brought to the Paget at 3:45pm by a parent/carer).
At Kids Club we look at a different Bible story each week and have songs, games and crafts based on the day’s theme. This term we’ll be looking at the life of Paul in the book of Acts.

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