Starchasers is back!

Starchasers starts again on Sunday 24th September at the Paget Christian Centre, beside Bingfield Park.

This term we’ll be looking at the exile of the Jews and the return home. We’ll start by looking at the warnings and promises in Jeremiah, then life in exile in Daniel and finally the return to Jerusalem in Nehemiah.

This is the last in our series looking at the stories in the Old Testament and we’ve reached a difficult time for the Israelites. They’ve abandoned God and turned against Him. God has warned them again and again and they’ve ignored his warnings so He sends the Babylonians to capture Judah and take his people into exile. But God makes it clear He hasn’t forgot His people. A remnant will return to Jerusalem. In this series, we see how God keeps His promises and what life is like for God’s people in a foreign land.

  • 24th Sept – Jeremiah 18 v 1-12. God is in control and wants his people to change
  • 8th October – Jeremiah 31 v 1-6, 32 v 1-15. Trust God and His promises for the future
  • 29th October – Daniel 1. Standing out for God.
  • 12th November – Daniel 6. Standing out for God III
  • 26th November – Nehemiah 1, 2, 4, 6. The return: Pray and keep going!
  • 10th December – Nehemiah 12 v 27-43. Praising God and celebration


You can find out more about Starchasers on the Starchasers page on this site.

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