Starchasers is back!

Starchasers starts again on Sunday 14th January at the Paget Christian Centre, beside Bingfield Park.

This term we’ll be looking at some of the people who met Jesus in Luke’s gospel. Jesus’ ministry reached out to all kinds of people, and He made time for them all. This term, we learn about Jesus and how other people responded to meeting the ‘Son of God’. The challenge to us today is how we will respond to discovering Jesus and meeting Him? Our memory verse for the term is: John 8 v 12 Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”.


  • 14th January – Luke 2 v 22-40. Simeon and Anna – God’s promise for them to see Jesus
  • 28th January – Luke 2 v 42-52. Religious teachers – Jesus meeting the leaders in the temple
  • 11th February – Luke 5 v 1-11. Simon Peter, James & John – Trusting and following Jesus.
  • 25th February – Luke 7 v 36 – 50. A rejected woman – Jesus heals a ‘sinful’ woman
  • 4th March – Luke 8 v 40 – 56. A ruler & an ill woman – when things look hopeless Jesus can still heal
  • 25th March – Luke 19 v 1 – 10. Zacchaeus – His transformation and change


You can find out more about Starchasers on the Starchasers page on this site.

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